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10kVA Solar System Power Supply Online UPS with Load Bank
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Product: Views:25510kVA Solar System Power Supply Online UPS with Load Bank 
Unit price: Negotiable
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Last updated: 2017-12-17 20:31
10kVA Solar System Power supply Online UPS with Load Bank
MZT9830L the main technical parameters
modelMZT9830L 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 60KVA 80KVA 100KVA 120KVA 150KVA 200KVA 300KVA 400KVA
Nominalcapacity(KVA) 10 15 20 30 40 60 80 100 120 150 200 300 400
Singe-phase maximum current input(A) 19 29 38 57 76 114 152 189 227 303 379 568 609
Works as well as the principle On-line power supply,static bypass switch(uninterrupted switch)double conversion technology
Ac input parameters Number of phase Three-phase+N+G
Nominal voltage 380VAC±25%
Nominal frequency 50Hz±10%,60Hz±10%
The voltage harmonic distortion <10%
Soft sart 0-100%5sec
The bypass Number of phase Three-phase+N+G
Nominal voltage 380VAC±15%
Nominal frequency 50Hz/60Hz±10%
Inverter/bypass(conversin) 0ms
The battery Number of battery unit 30knots/12v series
Nominal battery voltage 360V
maximum discharge current(A)  25 38 51 76 101 152 203 253 305 405 550 760 1015
Float chargin voltage 405V(3 months automatic battery to charge,charge voltarge voltage 435V)
Charging curret 1A-5A(according to battery capacity setting)
inverter The load power factor 0.8(0.9optinal)
Number of phase Three-phase+N+G
Nominal voltage 380VAC±1%(The steady-state load),380VAC±3%(The load fluctuation
Nominal frequency 50Hz±0.05%,60Hz±0.05%(Battery power)
Frequency stability:when not in sync <±0.05%
When the frequency stability:synchronization <±5%
Output waveform Sine wave
Total harmonic distortion Lindar load<2%:The nonlinear load<4%
Dynamic load voltage transients <5%(from 0 to 100% more
Transient recovery time <10ms(±5%)
Unbalanced voltage <±1%(Balance the load voltage),<±3%(Unbalanced load)
Overload capacity Overload for ten min later turn the bypass,125% 150%overload lasts1 min after bypass
The inverter efficiency and load by 100% 95%
The system structure Total efficiency of 100% load 91%,95%.ECO
Computer ommunication interface Rs232,(Rs485.Network remote monitoring software)
Operating temperature 0-40ºC
Relating humidity 0-90% Without any condensation
Running high <1500m(each additional,100meters power fell by 1%, the highest4000meters
Cooling way Forced vention(temperature control)
Noise(db) <65
The body color black
The input cable The bottom/bcak
Easy to maintain On/about/in front of the plane can be opened
Lnput device Terminal row
The output device Terminal row
Size (D×W×H) 725×450×1135 855×450×1235 715×855×1500 1100×900×1700 1200×1500×1800 1300×1800×1800
The host weight(kg) 200 250 340 400 480 650 900 1200 1300 1480 2000 2100 2500
Option to Rs485,weaver board,network management system,battery testing sydstem,lightning protection devices for option
is required to order
Strong English display interface 
Double transformation is on-line design
Flexible weaver technology
System with high eff iciency
The output transformer
With optional 12 pulse rectifier
Allowed 100% to balance working 
Intelligent battery management function
To protect the function is all ready
Sound and light alarm
Multiplexed output
A variety of voltage output
Color optional
Using full digital touch screen LCD display in both English and Chinese, display content 
can select the Chinese/English set, running state, operating procedures, data collection and 
troubleshooting information at a glance.
Using DSP digital control technique, the UPS control precision, fast, reliable, stable and 
have perfect protection function and high reliability;Output waveform distortion is small.
Suitable for different load and system, can be stand-alone, 1 + 1 run weaver, also can be 
more machine (N + 1) weaver.
Using ECO work mode, efficiency is as high as 98% above.
The output transformer isolation effect, reduce the load harmonic current and mains 
Improve the UPS power input factor, effectively suppress the harmonic pollution 
caused by UPS for grid power.
Three-phase independent modulation, full bridge inverter technology, at 100% 
unbalanced three-phase load can also be proper and reliable power supply.
Can choose independent batter y testing kits, according to the capacity of the battery 
configuration, through the operation interface to set parameters, and by the sof tware 
automatically adjust the charging current, at the same time can be set up according to the 
power grid security situation battery automatically detect and charge/discharge time interval, 
prolong the ser vice life of batteries, truly realize intelligent management of the batter y.
Equipped with many kinds of system protection, overvoltage, under voltage, over current, 
overload, shor t circuitand abnormal condition for testing, alarm, environmental adaptation 
With sound and light alarm function, be helpful for remote visual management, put an 
end to the unexpected loss caused by the traditional UPS can't real-time regulation, a green 
light: UPS normal operation;Yellow: batter y mode;Red light: maintenance report to the police.
10 ~ 80 kva with 4 kinds of output, can integrate a variety of equipment, no longer a 
peripheral switch box.
Compatible with a variety of input and ou tput voltage specifications, the output using 
copper wire winding of the isolation transformer, low loss, low fever, compatible with sundials, 
ul, the mainland and other voltage.
Host and batter y box adopts imported coating, and can be customized according to user 
requirements, tonal and consistent with the equipment.Optional color: beige, computer is 
white, cold ashes.

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